Pole Dance Instructor and Owner: WILD CAT

A pole dancer, pole dance instructor, and a choreographer based in Fukuoka. Owner of Pole Dance Studio CAT which is also located inFukuoka.
After having experienced gymnastics and street dancing, pole dancing caught WILD CAT's heart and she self-taught herself.She continues tospread pole dancing in Fukuoka and Kyushu by appearing on television or in the newspapers as a music video backup dancer, pole dancer, or apole dance instructor.

She has won many domestic and international pole dance competitions. She has three time national champion title and paticipated in worldchampionships as a representative of Japan. Japan's top class pole dancer with a few judge qualifications. she is also in charge of a panel ofjudges or commentator on TV etc at pole dance competitions.

Nakasu show club CABADY (cabadey) pole dance leader (the appearance date is Friday twice a month).
From the lesson students, show dancers and instructors are also being produced.


Japan Pole Sports Championship 2019iArtistic Pole Professional Senior Women Divisionj
2nd runner up Bronze medal

Miss Pole Dance Japan 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018@(Singles Women's Division)

Pole Theatre Japan 2018 (Professional Drama category)

Pole Theatre World 2017 (Professional Pole Comedy category)
Finalistas a representative JAPAN

Seoul International Poledance Championship (International Division)@
Champion (2017)

Japan Pole Sports Championship 2017iElite Senior Women Divisionj
Finalist@Sth Place

Pole Theatre Japan 2016, 2017 (Professional Drama category)

Pole Theatre Japan 2016, 2017 (Professional Pole Comedy category)

Arnold Classic Asia Pole Championship Series 2016 (ProfessionalSingles Women's Division)
Invited player@   8th Place

World Pole Sports Championship 2016 (Elite Senior Women Divisionj
contestant as a representative JAPAN

Singapole Pole Challenge 2016 (Professional Single Women category)

Japan Pole Sports Championship 2016iElite Senior Women Divisionj

Pole Theatre Japan 2015 (Professional Pole Comedy category)

Busan International Pole Championship (International Division)@
Champion (2015)

Japan Pole Sports Championship 2014 (Singles Women's Division)
Finalist 6th Place

Miss Pole Dance Korea 2014 (International Women's Division)
Finalist 5th Place

Miss Pole Dance Korea 2013 (Men and Women Mixed Tournament)
Finalist 5th Place

International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobatic Championship 2012 (Vladivostok, Russia)
Finalist 6th Place


Fukuoka Pole Dance Battle 2013,14,15
Head Judge


Angel Cup & POSA Korea 2018
Special Judge

Korea Pole Sports Championship 2018
IPSF official Judge


Kureha is attracted to the world of expression as a show girl, performer, and she met pole dance in 2008.
She is now working as a pole dancer, and now challenging about Pole Sports.

As a professional pole dancer, kureha performed in various scenes such as custom car show, night club, backup dancers in live performancesof  domestic and foreign famous artist's and various parties.

She is good at fascinating and acrobatic exotic style using high heels.

She is reviewing how to use the body in the future while facing the treatment of aninjury (disc herniation).
While under the guidance of the teacher WILD CAT, I am studying to acquire the method of using the new body based on Pilates' theory"KARADA-TORISETSU".
She has a diploma of  1st Studio CAT instructor course.

Pole dance     10years
Ballet            2years
Gymnastics    2years


EBUSAN International Poledance
International Professional Category
2nd Place

EFukuoka Pole Dance Battle 2015


Pole dance history 4 years.
Nakasu show club CABADY pole dancer.
ACKT is good at performance at the spinning poles mainly based on the sexy ballad style.
Tall and color white. Born in Okinawa. Rich in ideas and strength of individuality is the best. GACKT's big fan!
The 2nd Studio CAT Instructor Training course completed in all.


Despite the pole dance history of 3 years, the personality and expressiveness that took advantage of her own sensibilitywas recognized
"Pole Performance Contest 2017 Best Art Award Winner"


AKANE learns dance of various genres such as ballet and hip hop from childhood, and meets pole dance in 2014.
She challenged pole dance competitions while working as a company employee.
Finally she could win Japan Pole Sports Championship 2018 Amateur category. So she decided to quit the company employee from then, and  she changed to a professional pole dancer from 2019.
Currently, she is not only as a show dancer in the Fukuoka prefecture but also as a pole athlete to paticipate in the competitions where thetop domestic players gather.
She is good at flowing flexible moves at the spinning pole. She is also active in the doubles division which the competitior population is stillsmall.
Completed the 3rd Studio CAT Instructor Training Course.


E Japan Pole Sports Championship 2019 Elite Doubles Senior Women & Women 3rd place Bronze medal
E Japan Pole Sports Championship 2018 Amateur Senior Women's Champion
E Pole Theater Japan 2018 Semi-Pro Comedy Champion
E Pole Theater Japan 2017 Amateur comedy Champion, same year Overall amateur championship

Ballet Instructor: Lily
Lily started classical ballet at the age of 3 and entered a ballet school in London at eleven.
During her time there, she appeared in ballet performances and on television and obtained advanced RAD Classical Ballet qualifications.
After coming home, she started learning other genres such as jazz dance or hip hop to add more range to her dance style.
At the moment, she works as a dancer and an instructor mainly in Fukuoka and Tokyo.