Monthly Fee Special DiscountFor those who take two or more scheduled classes (pay two or more monthly fees), from the second class you can get a \1,500 discount!
※This does not apply to Pole Ballet and Pole for Kids.
Enrollment Fee \10,000
Studio Maintenance Fee \500/month

<Monthly Fee (Scheduled class, 4 classes per month)>
General Classes \12,000
Pole dance for Parent and Child (General Classes for Parent and Kids pole for Child)
Pole for Kids (Up To Elementary School) \8,000
Student Discount (Jr. High〜University・College Students *Presentation of student ID
required) \10,000
Pole Ballet \10,000
Aerial beginner \14,000

<Ticket System>
Ticket for 2 Classes \7,500 (Valid for 1 month) \3,750/class
Ticket for 4 Classes \14,000 (Valid for 2 months) \3,500/class
Ticket for 8 Classes \26,000 (Valid for 4 months) \3,250/class
Free Pass \35,000/month
You can take all classes as many times as you'd like!(not incluided Pole Ballet and
Pole for Kids)

Students who present their student ID can get a 10% discount on ticket purchase!
In the case of ticket being used only for Pole for Kids class, you can get a 25% discount
on ticket purchase.

Tickets are only to be used by oneself.

<Private Lessons/Choreography Fee>

Private Lesson \10,000
Semi-Private Lesson (2 people) \15,000
Semi-Private Lesson (3 people) \18,000
*Please ask about Semi-Private Lessons for 4 people and more.

Choreography Fee (Changes depending on many things such as the length and scale of
the showcase)
    Solo Showcase \10,000〜
    Showcase for 2 or more \20,000〜
Lessons for teaching the choreographed dance routine are charged separately

*Non-members must pay an extra \1,000 per person

<Prices for Visitors>
General Classes
Non-members \4,500  Members \4,000
Pole for Kids
Non-members \3,000  Members \2,700
Pole Ballet
Non-members \3,500  Members \3,000

<Trial Lessons>
General Classes \2,500
Pole for Kids \1,500
Pole Ballet \2,000

※Since students will receive discounts only after enrolling in Pole Dance
Studio CAT, there is no student discount for visitors and trial lessons.
※Pole Aerobics has the monthly fee plan and the visitors price only.

Please reserve classes at least 2 days in advance.
In the case of there being a cancellation the day before or on the day of the
class, there will be a cancellation fee
(\1,000 for the day before, \2,000 for the very day).
However, if you reserve another class that is within 7 days the day before,
there will not be any cancellation fee.
There will be no rescheduling of classes for cancellations on the day of the
We can only permit the rescheduling of a class once per class.

<Other Fees>
Open Pole
Members \1,500/hour
Non-members \2,000/hour
(Cancellation within the day \500)

Studio Rental (Private)
Members \4,000/hour
Non-members \5,000/hour
(Cancellation the day before \1,000, Cancellation within the day \2,000)

In the case of studio usage for a long period of time, there will be a discount
so please ask for further details.